Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Took My Monkeys To The Zoo

Wed. Jan.23, 2013

I drove Brad to work today so we could have the car.  I gave the girls several options: a museum, the Altstadt (old city) which is beautiful, the Fuggerei (a beautiful place and museum) or the zoo.  The sun was shining and the sky was blue and I was glad that Lea picked the zoo! (Hey, that rhymes!)

There were hardly any people there at all.  But lots of animals, of course :)

We were at this zoo in 2008 and it is really a great place.  Small enough to not be too tiring and all of the exhibits are so close!  You can see everything.  Sometimes at the Detroit zoo, the animals are too far away to see well.

The lions are the first thing you see when entering.

There is a male, too, but he went inside.  We saw this lady wearing fur and Lainie snuck her picture (she learned from the master) because she thought it was so mean to wear fur to the zoo.

Next up: lots of orangutans.  Many of the little ones were playing.

These reminded us of our doggies because they were play biting

Nursing Mama

Beautiful hairdo, Mister!
Some kind of adorable fuzzy horses:

We came across a rhino statue so of course they climbed on it.  Or tried.

We saw lots of birds.

Then this big one, who was sneaking up on Lainie.  I think he planned to eat her.
Creepy.  One slow step at a time....
The seals and sea lions were having so much fun!  It's a great exhibit where we were very close to them.

This one was very itchy.

Itchy again.

The penguin exhibit was great, too.  Very good views and since it's outside, no stinkiness like at the Detroit zoo!

More monkeys next.

See?  Monkeys.

More shots of random animals:

Meet my new boyfriend, Marvin.  He was beautiful <3

The meerkats kept us laughing!

More great views:

This one had a dead duck by it.  Lainie was not pleased and pointed out that we come to the zoo to see live animals.

He was so upset about the duck that he just couldn't take it anymore.

Seconds after I took this shot, Nicki the chimp smacked at Lainie's head on the other side of the glass!  It was so funny!  (Once she realized he couldn't actually hit her.  Before that, a bit startling.)

Granddad?  Is that you?

Don't say it.
He's a happy little dude.  Jabba the Hut.

We stopped at the restaurant for some lunch.  Even your dogs that you bring to the zoo have a place to hang out.
It was a good lunch...Lea had chicken dinosaurs, Lainie had tomato soup and I had a Leberkaese sandwich.

A few more animals along the way:
Funny, this baby llama was adorable in person.  Here he just looks mad!

Guinea pigs, for our friend Tori :)


Next we found a playground.  My big, huge, teenage girls had a blast!

First time on a teeter totter!!  I haven't seen one of these around home since my childhood.

What else would be in the playground but a bar?  Of course.


These people had 3 dogs with them.  In the zoo.  It's true.

A few more animals after the playground:
The ever popular Chicken And Monkey exhibit.  Why?  I don't know.

OMGosh too bad I couldn't get a good pic through the glass.  This was a baby leopard!  It was running around playing, smaller than my dogs.  Adorable!
Tiger.  He fell asleep right after this.
What a great day!  I love spending this time with my girls and a trip to the zoo reminds me of those younger days.  We had a blast and it was such a gorgeous day!  

We had that chicken soup for dinner and it was great.  I think sitting outside in the Bavarian air overnight gave it a great flavor.

We went to Marktkauf after dinner and got a few groceries and lots of beer.  Brad is very much enjoying the beer.  I found this cute beer bag, it's made of gray felt and has this cute logo on it.  I don't know what I will do with it at home, but I really had to have it.  Brad has graciously agreed to drink the Hacker-Pschorr beer inside.  Thanks, Honey.  It means a lot.

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