Saturday, January 5, 2013

A very sad day

Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013

We didn't do much this morning.  Some cleaning up, some relaxing.  Got a few groceries.  Saw a few funny (meaning different than home) things at the store I was gonna mention, just to be funny.  We were planning on dinner with the Erath's (again).  Then I checked my email and everything changed.  I can't be funny now.

I have lost a good friend.
Alaina, Animal Lover Extraordinaire

6 children have lost their mother.  That is what hurts the most.  I mean, I will miss her for sure.  But I think I can handle my own grief.  I have lots of practice.  Too much, in fact.  But my heart breaks for the kids.

I know this blog is about our adventures in Germany, but this day will be remembered by me forever.  And that it happened when I am so far from home.  I can't bring meals to the family, or help them clean or do whatever it is we do when we are helpless but just want to reach out.

I met Alaina several years ago at a homeschooling group.  She took a special liking to Lea right away.  She taught a geography class to the kids and gave Lea some extra help along the way.  She was shy in person, but very chatty on Yahoo groups and Facebook!  She was just so....peaceful.  That is how I will always remember her. I am remembering how she tormented me because I was afraid of her creepy chickens!! She posted these pics on my Facebook:

Just plain mean!  LOL!!  She was very happy to see that Lea does not share my fear.  This is her at a party at Alaina's house:
Seriously though, Alaina was one of the most kind and caring people I have ever known.  She suffered from a near fatal crash a couple of years ago that left her with many physical challenges.  Yet she was still always thinking of others.  She took a pretty picture and posted it on my wall on the one year anniversary of my niece's attack.
That is just how she rolled.  She was a true light bringer.  No matter what her own troubles were, she was there with a kind word or a helping hand.  Her Facebook page is filling up with thoughts from friends.  So many are using the word "sunshine" which fit her to a tee!  And since her email included "sunshine day" in the address, I would always sing that song from the Brady Bunch when I got an email from her!

Now this song comes to mind:
Ain't no Sunshine.

Alaina, you made me laugh.  You made me rethink things, more peacefully.  You will be missed, My Friend.


  1. beautiful, Lori, and so true.

  2. very sorry for your loss and her family is in our prayers. :(

    1. Thanks, for the prayers especially.

  3. The weird thing is that this morning, while I was leaving for my race, the sun was rising over the snow crusted fields, and I thought of Alaina and her pictures. I was also chuckling over the possum discussion yesterday. This was all before I heard the news.