Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another afternoon shopping and dining out :)

Jan 15

Today I dropped Brad off at work so we could have the car.  We decided to go to the City Gallery mall in Augsburg to have lunch and wander around.  Although I almost changed our plans to go into the city center because the sun was actually out, which has not happened much since we got here a month ago!

We did some shopping but didn't buy much.  Just had fun looking!  We came across a pizza place and the girls both agreed they wanted to try.  It was the kind of place where there are tons of pizzas ready made and you buy it by the slice, so no ordering "no cheese."  They each got a piece and it was delicious!!  A whole giant piece of pizza with cheese...a first in over 2 1\2 years!!
Right outside of the pizza place was an ice cream place.  What the heck, let's go for it!!!
They enjoyed REAL ice cream!!!  And I am happy to report no ill effects (even as I write this, over 24 hours later!!)  Is it possible they are really cured?  I am finally starting to believe it!

We see dogs everywhere over here, stores, restaurants, everywhere!  I never want to look like a major weirdo and take a picture of someone's dog.  So I tried to sneak one while pretending to look at my phone.  I have to prove to Americans that this really happens!
See it?  A tiny black dog?  This is the GROCERY store in the mall.  Yep.  As dog lovers, we think this is great!!!!
We forgot to stop at the post office to mail off some more post cards.  So Lainie and I decided to take the bikes we borrowed from Brad's co-worker and ride up to the corner.  It was c-c-c-c-cold!
Over here, people ride bikes no matter the weather.  So we decided, when in Rome....
We got to the store with the post office only to find it CLOSED!!!  This happened once before already, but today it really stunk because we froze for nothing!

Speaking of mail, we have received a few things.  But just in case you lost it, here is our address:

Stull Family
Sterntalerweg 29
86199 Augsburg

Seems like maybe some of you would like to mail us something.  Seems like.  :)

Lainie and I finished season 2 of Downton Abbey on Hulu.  It's a great show and we are having fun watching it!  Sometimes I feel like the Grantham family on the show.  We are living like royalty over here!  We eat out so rarely at home, and when we do, it's Wendy's for $3 each!!  We are getting so spoiled.  And I like it.

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