Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Desperate

Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013

Starting to get desperate for pictures. As you can see from today's post and the things I documented!  I don't want to forget these times, though, so here we go.

I had planned to post pics today of the 3 wise men that came to our door!  Over here, kids from local churches dress up as the 3 wise men on Jan. 6 and go door to door and basically bless your home for the new year.  They sing a little song.  Our friends Anna and Philipp do this over in Lambsheim, too.  I had my donation ready for them and could NOT wait for this German event!  They write over your door (or nowadays use a sticker) and you may have seen this in Frankenmuth, LOL!  It looks like this:
Lifted this off the's from 01.  The 20 is for 2000, the last number is the rest of the year.
I wanted this over my door.  I wanted our German home to be blessed.  I saw some wise men dudes around here a day early yesterday!  But alas, NO ONE CAME.  I even had the camera ready.  That was going to be my picture for today.  I was quite disappointed.  :(

We slept in a bit then after lunch went where else?  To the Erath's house!!  Seriously, they really need us because who else would be willing to eat all of their food?  Day after day?

They have a fancy coffee machine and we enjoyed macchiatos.  Even soy ones for the girls!
Yummy.  It's a word.  Sometimes.  (Right, Udo?)
Brad and Udo did some work on a new bathroom in the basement.  They looked just so adorable in their little Kuka outfits.  (Udo used to work there!)
Twins.  Zwillinge.
We hung out, Lea played their Wii for a really long time.  We helped undecorate the tree.  We got chilly and wore a Snuggie.  Then we wore the Snuggie together and did that thing where you have someone else's arms.
These are all Lainie and Lydia.  Lainie looks like she has tiny hands!!

We had the BEST ribeye steaks for dinner!  Wow, just like my grass fed beef from home.  This was from Argentina.  The pepper was from Egypt. Something else was from some other far off place.  LOL!!  It was so darn delicious and they are such great company!  Can't wait to see what's for dinner tomorrow, Karen!!

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