Thursday, January 10, 2013

The (mostly) Good Life

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013

We had a slow morning (again) and didn't do much.  Brad came home at lunch and we drove him back so we could use the car and do some shopping.  There is a little mall in Gersthofen near Kuka.
Notice in the background, Mister Lady.  Cracks me up every time!
We went in a store that reminded me of Big Lots.  I made a very big purchase.  For 1 Euro I bought a measuring cup since there isn't one here and I do occasionally need to measure stuff for cooking.  It was very exciting.  We also found this sweatshirt:

The mall was kind of lame...many empty stores.  I think they are remodeling or something.  We found some restaurants and wanted some lunch.  Lea got the good old American chicken nuggets and fries, I had a plate of homemade Spaetzle with gravy and Lainie thought it all looked and smelled disgusting and ended up with just a pretzel and some fries.

And because we are human and life gets in the way, we had to cut our visit short as Lainie was overcome with sadness over my friend Alaina's death.  She knew Alaina, too, of course, and is friends with her daughter.  This tragedy will hurt for a long time to come.

We came home and decided to lay in bed and watch TV.  We watched a new Modern Family which helps with the cheering up.  Then we watched another episode of Downton Abbey.  Shortly after, the bell rang and it was Lainie's friend Emma and the fabulous Linus.
He is so good!  We bought him some doggy treats for when he visits :)
Lainie went with them for a long walk.  Lainie and Emma have become such good friends!  Lainie is even going to SCHOOL with Emma on Monday!!  That is sure to be quite an experience!

We all went to pick up Brad from work, and we stopped at the grocery store near Kuka which is a big chain called Rewe.  I like this one.  It has a good selection.  There is another store in the same complex that reminded me of Sav-A-Lot back home...smells like sour milk.  Blech.  It was called Penny and I haven't seen one before.  Brad got a haircut next door at a place called Top Hair or something, like Fantastic Sams. They didn't speak English, but he looks good, so it all worked out.  Lainie and I picked up some charcoal for the grill in Bauhaus which is just like Home Depot.  (Except there are employees everywhere to help you find stuff.  DOH!)

We decided to try a restaurant near here called Dragone that is an Italian place.  The waitress spoke English very well and the place was great.  Good ambiance.  We ordered pizza and they make it right there where you can see.
Cute fake snow everywhere

Aw :)
Almost ready for the wood oven
   This was really good pizza and we will be back here for sure!!  It's only about a mile away.  And they deliver!

We came home and had some Krapfen donuts for dessert.  (Well, I chose to have another Bienenstich)
Now we are in Relaxation mode.  Blogging, TV, video games.  It's all good.  Seriously, we are living the good life here!  I thank God every day for this opportunity.

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