Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rathaus and Altstadt

Wednesday Jan. 30, 2013

Today Grandma had some jet lag and slept until 11 when I woke her up!  It's quite an adjustment...6 hours ahead here.  We had the car so went into Augsburg.  It was in the 50's but very windy!  It rained all yesterday, but not today until later in the afternoon.

We started out at the Stadtmarkt (city market) right in Augsburg where I went with the girls before and posted pics.  It's a very cool place!

Grandma took lots of much to see!  So much is different than we are used to.

A very German looking outdoor seating area outside
We bought some fruits and veggies then went out into the city center.

Mime dude...Lea was creeped out.  I'm keeping the picture small.
We walked down to the Altstadt (Old city).  It's one of my favorite places!  So very old, quiet, charming.  We looked around and had lunch.
There are canals in the Altstadt.

Lea took this one of our menu in the tiny cafe

Grandma's pasta carbonara.  Delish!

Lainie and I each had a ham and cheese panini.  Lea had chicken nuggets!
I have to say it's hard to find a Bavarian restaurant that is affordable for lunch.  We found one but it was too much.  Grandma has not had much German food yet!  Seems that Italian is more popular here!

Lea was surprised they have Capri Sun here, so she took this one!

Part of the canal

We took advantage of this great offer!!!

Painting in the Gold Room
Last time I saw this view, it still had the Christmas market stalls in it.


Moobs.  (Sorry.)

For my Piggie lovin' Lainie!
Playwright Bertolt Brecht.  It says he "was born in Lech quarter (near here) and became the most played dramatist in the world.

Found a KUKA robot!  Missed this on my last visit.
We picked up Brad from work and he showed his mom a bit of KUKA.  But it was all dark so she will see the rest another time.  I made some sausages and Spaetzle for dinner with salad.  Then Brad and Grandma went to Marktkauf to return the bottles and look around.  I stayed home and Lea read Wimpy Kid to me and then I got sick of Lainie so I folded her up in the Murphy bed.  LOL!!!
It closed almost all the way :)
Another fun filled day in Deutschland!!!

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