Sunday, January 27, 2013

More of the Same...But it's Good!

Friday, Jan. 25, 2103

This morning I drove Brad again so we could have the car.  The girls and I were meeting Anja and Antonia for breakfast and shopping at IKEA!  (Have I mentioned that I LOVE IKEA?)  It was a bit earlier than we have been getting up around here, but we made it there by 9:30.  I have never had breakfast there, it was good!  I don't think it's the same in the States, but I don't know.

Doesn't get much unhealthier!  Lainie had a donut, croissant, chicken nuggets (for breakfast?) and a tiny little ice cream cone filled with jam!

Lea had sausages, an omelette and a crepe filled with Nutella.
I was boring and had my usual German fare for breakfast: pretzel and cream cheese.  It makes me happy!

We sat and talked for awhile and shopped for awhile.  I could literally spend an entire day in IKEA and not get bored.  (The kids, however, did get bored.  And it was only half a day!)  Antonia fell in love with this snake and carried it everywhere.
She is so adorable!
I am fascinated with these German/American kids I know here and how they can speak both languages fluently.  How do they do this?  And even at 4 years old, Antonia knows which words are English and which are German.  Fascinating.

So we shopped and I dreamed my way through as I always do.  I want to redo my whole house with stuff from here!  We shopped long enough that it was now time for lunch!  So we went back up to the restaurant and got some meatballs.

This is a good place to interject that I can't even explain how good it feels to not have to ask about milk ingredients in food!  Mashed potatoes and gravy?  No problem!  The kids are doing perfectly well eating whatever they want!!!  (Well, not fish.  But that's ok.)

We came home and hung out for a bit, then I picked up Brad and we went over to the Erath's house.  It had been at least 2 weeks now, since last weekend we were gone!  I wonder how they managed to eat all their food without us?

Some highlights of our evening, also spent with Shawn and her kids:
Snacks, plus the ever-present guacamole being made in the background!  Nummy.

Can't get enough of those Connected Wieners!

All the kiddies eating

Hot tub....a little steamy!

Shawn's doggie Max.  He was kind enough to smother me with doggie kisses!!!
Another fun night!!!

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