Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our House!

Jan. 10, 2013

I want to remember our house forever.  So I went around today and took some pictures.

Haus Sterntaler.  Here is our gate, on the post is a white switch.  That is our doorbell!  The attic window above the door is Lainie's bedroom.

The tiniest room in the house...the toilet room.  It's hard to call it the bathroom because it's just a toilet and a finger bowl...I mean sink.  It is the size of a coat closet.

One of the biggest rooms in the house...the bathroom.  But it has no toilet because that is in the toilet room.  I can't figure out why anyone needs a bathroom this big, especially with no toilet!

Lea coming downstairs

Hallway...the glass door is the living room aka Lea's bedroom, on the left is the kitchen.
Living room

Living room with Lea's murphy bed out.  There is a 2nd one, too.

Patio off the living room.  With our friend Udo's big Weber grill we are borrowing

Our bedroom.  There is also a small pull out couch thing on the right.

Lainie's (messy) room.

Laundry room.  With our strange dryer.  It always has water leaking out and the landlord says it's normal.  It also collects water in that container on the top left of the machine.  It fills up at least once every load.  I never know dryers like these existed.  It is not my favorite German thing.
That is it!  Lea said today that she loves this house.  It does really feel like home.  I want to remember it forever!!

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