Monday, January 7, 2013

A Trip To Town

Monday, Jan. 7, 2013

A trip to town...I sound like Laura Ingalls.  It WAS exciting!

I drove Brad to work today so we could have the car.  I picked up some groceries and, of course, fresh rolls and came home.

The girls wouldn't get their lazy booties up, so they ate a late breakfast, or was it an early lunch?  We filled out a few postcards and decided we definitely need more.

We left at about noon and decided to just go into the Augsburg City Center to shop and look around.  It is a bit too much for Lea to walk without getting really tired, so we brought her stroller.

Our first stop was the Stadtmarkt, or city market.  This is kind of like a farmer's market, except there are stores, too.  In Augsburg there is a large courtyard and the shops around the outside are things like butchers and a cafe or two.  In the middle are stands that sell flowers, fruits and veggies.  It is just so....(wait for it)....quaint!!

Lea took this one.  I am love with the tiny flower arrangements I see over here!!

We went in a few stores and came to Mueller.  Mueller reminds me of a store like Walgreen's.  Except this one in town is really big.  They have many more things than Walgreen's.  We found a really good Top Model display.  And some more colored pencils to create with :)
She bought another one!!
We had a lot of girly fun looking at make up, too!  Lainie bought some nail polish because 100 bottles are not enough.
We stopped at Wolf, a bakery, for a snack.  Oh yeah!!
Lea had the poppy seed roll, mine in front is like a cinnamon roll, but the filling is ground nuts.  Lainie's is the donut, called Krapfen.  These are big right now...they are like Packzi's (did I spell that right?)  They will disappear after Fat Tuesday, from what I hear.
We saw this clothing store and just thought it was a funny name:
We also saw the elusive Cow Pigeon, found only in Bavaria.  (tee hee!!!)
I came home and took a good hour long nap.  (Not sleeping well...still feeling much sadness over the loss of my friend.)  Good thing I woke up, or Brad would have had to walk home.

Udo loaned us his giant charcoal Weber grill and we used it tonight for the first time.  Brad cooked up a delicious pork tenderloin!  Just like home.  I do wonder, though, what our landlords thought.  Since their living room overlooks our patio and we had a bonfire.  He thought we were crazy for asking him about a grill in the winter!  They don't really do that here.
Brad and I took a walk after dinner and came home and found Lainie playing the guitar, which is new.  He gave her some tips and she practiced a bit.
We had a silly game of Apples To Apples (I won!) and now are settling in for our nightly activities.  Blogging, DVDs, computers.  That kind of thing.

I had a great time hanging out with my Girlies today!!!

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