Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh Deer!

Sunday Jan. 27, 2013

Today we were all worn out!  I slept in until 10 since I was out until 1am!  The girls slept in longer than that because they are teenagers :)

We decided to hang close to home today.  Some computer, some TV, some reading, guitar playing, cleaning (has to be done), laundry (oh well), game playing.

Lea watching TV

In our room, watching TV on our chair bed thingy
Brad convinced Lainie it would be fun to go for a bike ride.  So they went, but it was very icy and Lainie fell.  Of course she did!  She takes after me.  She was fine, no major injuries.

Down the street from us we have seen a deer farm.  Many deer in some big fields, just hanging out.  We often see people stopped there feeding them.  I have been saving up some stuff for a few days to go visit them.  Stale bread (they didn't mind!) and veggie scraps.  Lea didn't want to go....I think she really missed out!!  Look at these adorable guys!!  So gentle, they ate right from our hands.


So they aren't wild and in our backyard like at home.  But they are so tame and it was very cool to feed them!

They look quite different than our Michigan friends, the White Tailed Deer.  After some internet research I have decided these guys are Fallow Deer.

There is a buck with huge antlers but he wasn't interested and stayed far away.  Maybe next time?  Stay tuned....

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