Monday, January 14, 2013

Lainie: Waffles and school

Jan. 13 and 14, 2013

Walking with Emma :)
Hi everyone! Lainie here, taking the place of my mom to tell you all about my day with Emma!
It all started when we decided to take her dog, Linus, for a walk!
Isn't he adorable?
We went walking in the woods, and it was all so beautiful!! Linus loves playing with sticks, and is just so sweet!! I've really missed my doggies at home, but he helps me through :)
So cute!

Very obedient and well behaved. I just love him!!

After we went for our walk, Emma and I ate some delicious chilli-like lunch! It was kind of spicy, but very yummy on a cold day like this one. After we ate, we hung out in her room and talked, and then we decided to make......

Waffles! YUMMY!!!!

German waffles are so cute!  They're shaped like hearts ♥♥

It was so hard not to eat all the waffles we made... This was probably the 5th one we made, and yet there's only 2 in the picture! lol!

Who wouldn't want to eat this? I mean, come on!

Had to force ourselves to make enough waffles for a good picture, instead of eating them all!!

Best picture of them all ♥ It was Emma's idea :)

So cute :)

After we ate a ton of waffles, we brought a few back to my house, but no one was home! So we came back to her house and got ready for bed! 

Considering the fact that we had to wake up at 6am for school(so many things wrong with that sentence! lol) we had to start getting ready for bed at about 8:00pm.  When I woke up at 6am, it was pitch dark outside still! Emma was soooo tired, and so was I. But we had to get up, of course!! After we got ready, we went downstairs and I had some toast with Nutella :) It was very yummy, of course! 

At 7:00, Johanna(Emma's mom) drove us to the bus station! It was very cold outside, but it wasn't unbearable. When we got on the bus, it wasn't very crowded at all!
On the bus to school! :)

The tram we had to take to get to the school after the bus, however, was packed. There was no room at all because all the other kids going to school went on the same tram. I was trying to be as small as possible, but a woman who was sitting behind where I was standing on the crowded bumpy tram actually shoved me away from her. How rude... Anyway, we got off the tram and walked over to her school! It's a very nice school. :) First, Emma said we had to find her Principal, because she was supposed to meet me before classes. But she wasn't in her office, and Emma had to get to class so we found her later on.

When we got to the hallway with the classrooms for Emma's grade (7th), we said hi to her friend, Mona who is in the class next to hers. Mona is very nice, and it was nice to know more than one person to start!
In Emma's classroom it was so loud. I'm not sure exactly how many kids, but the 6 boys alone would have made enough noise to burst someones eardrums! But more on them later.

The first class was English, which was nice, since I speak English! :-p The teacher was very welcoming and nice. She had me say my name, and where in America I'm from. Then, everyone had to find Michigan on a map. :-) After that, the teacher had everyone write down a question about myself that the wanted to ask me. Some of the questions included "What's your favorite color?" and "Do you play sports" and "Do you like Rugby?" and stuff like that. Also, "What's your favorite book" and "What's your favorite movie". Someone even asked if I had ever met anyone famous! And, when one girl asked me if I had a boyfriend, the guy sitting in front of me turns around and says "YES OR NO?!" It was funny :P I was kind of embarrassed when I said "Uhm, no." And then another boy sitting near us goes "That's good for me!!!" haha :P In his dreams, maybe ;) All in all, that was probably my favorite class :) 

Next up was math class! They had a quiz, but I didn't take it. After everyone was done, we played a multiplication game called "Boing" or something. If the number you're going to say is a multiple of 3, or has a 3 in it, you have to clap and not say it. It was really fun and I won!! lol 
After Math there was a short snack break where I got to talk to people for a bit. It was nice :) Everyone's English is great. We also checked in with the Principal who didn't speak much English but seemed nice :) Then it was back to class!

The next class was also English, but it was grammatical English this time.(BLEH! No one likes that! lol) After that class there was another break, and I kid you not, it was like all hell broke loose the moment the teacher left! The boys were hitting each other with things, and there was a lot of yelling, and one of the boys, ("the craziest of them all" as Emma and her friends kept saying) kept on coming up to me and asking me tons of questions which was nice, of course, but it was very funny because the girls talking to me kept saying how he'd fallen in love with me! ;) He was very sweet, but all the kids were so crazy! I don't think I'd want to go there every single day. But for today, I had tons of fun, and hope to go back soon. :)


P.S. I think I'm coming back to Germany this Summer! Should be fun. ♥


  1. well that is wonderful Lainie and of course they thought you are cute :) Wonder, did any of them ask you about being homeschooled or did they not know? Glad you had a nice time there! Be sure to tell Lea we said hello too!

  2. Hey, Lainie everyone of my class ask me were Lainie is =) and if you meet us again Thank you for coming with me ♥♥
    Emma =)