Monday, February 11, 2013

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Saturday Feb. 9, 2013

This morning we went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  This is a beautiful city about 2 hours from here.  We have been before on our previous trips to Germany.  It's another really old city that is just gorgeous.  They are famous for their special pastries called Schneebaellen, snowballs.
We first stopped off at our local deer farm to feed the deer!
Big Daddy was at the fence today!

"Do I smell pretzels?"

It was fun, they are so gentle!  Well, actually, the big guy, whom I have never seen being fed before by the many people who stop here, was getting kinda nasty.  He was butting away the little guys!  I guess he was hungry today.  I have seen him many times standing back and watching everyone else eat.

We got on our way!  It's a tiny car and the girls and Grandma were crammed in the back seat together.  Not so fun.  But some great views along the way.
Good thing I wasn't driving because windmills mesmerize me....


Look at that terraced thing, pretty!  I bet in the summer it's planted with stuff.
We arrived at Rothenburg and here is one of the still-intact city gates!  This town dates back to 950!

It is so old and beautiful.  I know I have said that about many a German city!  It just keeps needing to be said!
We stopped right inside the gate for lunch.  It was tiny little hole-in-the-wall place.  The bathroom was ridiculous!  A tiny closet with a wavy glass window in it so you could see inside when someone is in there, if you wanted to.  (I didn't.)  It just opened right to the entrance hallway.  Just another marvelous German bathroom!!  LOL!!
There was one lady and one man that worked there, that was it.  There must have been 2 kitchen areas, because she would run by with some food to the other kitchen, then back to the bar, then he rings a bell and she comes back to get the food to hand off to the customers.  A note about service in Germany, as I have noticed it.  Your party's meal will not be served all together, but each dish is brought out as it's ready.  Lea, who takes her time eating, was finished with her lunch by the time mine even came out!  It was worth it, but I can just imagine a typical angry American demanding their money back!  Here are the pics you know you love:
They had a salad bar!!  First I have seen!


Grandma ordered soup but we all shared it.  It was SO GOOOOOOD!!!  Potato sausage.  Homemade and so good!
Brad and Grandma each had this pork schnitzel, not breaded, with spaeztle and mushroom sauce

Poor Lainie!  She wanted the Knoedel but they only had mushroom gravy.  She figured she could eat around them.  The sauce tasted exactly like mushrooms!  I know, this seems obvious.  I have had mushroom things before in the States and they don't taste like this!  Germans are really good with their Shrooms.

Another Wienerschnitzel for me!!! With a roasted potato and bacon dish that was amazing!
This was so fresh, we heard him pounding out the schnitzels!!  We got some Apfelkuchle to share.  (apple fritters.)
 Have I posted a picture yet of a dog in a restaurant?  This happens all the time.   We were looking at this little guy and wanted to take a pic, but Germans are very private and I didn't want to disturb them at their table.  Well, he wanted his picture taken, because he ended up sitting under Grandma's chair!  They couldn't find him when it was time to go!  We didn't even know he was under there!
Wiener dog :)
We ventured out into the city.  Here are some highlights!

Some world famous Schneebaellen!!!

Just noticed Lainie in this one....ha ha!  What is she doing?

Stuffing our faces with Schneeballe!
Lea being silly!  Look at me and Lainie, though.  LOL!

Glockenspiel.  It played!

A doggie worked in this store :)

Lainie found a boyfriend!

Wait, are those CUTE Birkenstocks?  Wow!

What is up with these tiny doors?  So cute!

This door was in the city wall!  I wish I could go in there and see what it looks like.  Someone lives in the wall!


It was getting VERY cold so we started back to the car.  Brrrr!!
Saw this interesting display in a jewelry store window.  Speechless.

Coat of arms...with rolls and a pretzel!

More Schneebaellen, anyone?

It is such a charming little town.  We had a great time!  Thankfully the car was not too far away and we could defrost our toes.

We had planned to have dinner with the Erath's and were going there on our way home.  After all, they needed to feed us because it's been awhile!  They must miss us to death.
Got Krapfen?

There are the twins again!

Grilling some goodies
We had some Brats, some pork chops, some potatoes and Karen made a beet salad with a creamy horseradish dressing.  Everyone had a great time!  As usual :)

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