Monday, February 4, 2013

More of The City of Light!

Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013

We slept in a bit this morning...concert hangover!!  Brad and I walked to get some croissants, etc. for breakfast.  These were the most delicious yet!!  We also got some mini quiches and some other pastries that involved chocolate :)

Our Paris l'Open tour bus tickets were good for today, too.  So off we went!

More amazing sights:

In front of Notre Dame

Notre Dame and the Seine
We went to tour Notre Dame.  It is 850 years old now!  Really beautiful and majestic.

We found a little cafe making fresh crepes right outside.  Grandma has been wanting crepes, and yesterdays were only so-so.  We had a little snack:
His crepe maker....that thing on the right full of batter gets pulled across the griddle and makes one big giant crepe.

This was the caramel one.  It was good!

Lea and I chose the waffle with chocolate sauce instead.  Super yummy!  
Good choice!  Today we were winners with the food!
C-c-c-cold out here!

You can see the military in the camo (or maybe you can't!  LOL!)  They carry machine guns.  Wow, I feel safe. :(

They put up these facades on buildings that are under construction.  You can't see the "ugly" and it has a nice building painted on it!

We went back to the Eiffel Tower.  Yesterday the lines to go up were super long, so we went online and got them for today instead.

As we were walking to the entrance, I noticed a dude wearing a weird mask and he was walking very close to Lainie, right behind her.  I wanted her turn around and see him so I said, "Lainie!"  Well she turned around and little did I know he was HOLDING HER HAND!!!!!  She screamed SO loud!!  SO LOUD!!!  He was doing this to people and making everyone laugh.  If I had known he was holding her hand, I would have attacked him!  (this was before I realized what he was doing and that he wasn't a serial killer.)  We got some pics after he ran off, but not great ones.  Have to post them anyway for the memory!!!
See if you can spot him!  :D

Here he is getting ready to grab this lady's hand!
It was so funny, we laughed so stinking hard!  Grandma was crying!!!  I found a youtube video of him from a few months back, so you get the idea.  (Lainie held his hand for about a minute because she thought it was me or Grandma!!)
This was so hilarious, I wish someone had it video'ed when it happened to Lainie!!  We will laugh about this forever!!!!
So the non-chickens went up in the Tower.  (This time, Grandma was in the non-chickens group.)  I know what everyone is HAVE to go up!  You will regret it!  How can you not go up?  Well I am terrified of heights and I know my limitations!  I have zero regrets.  I still got the great pictures!!!

They had an amazing time up there!  I sat at the bottom, read my book, had a latte and checked into that boat tour.  Unfortunately, today the entire Seine was flooded!  The water was covering the spot where we stood yesterday.  No boats!  So we have to miss it.  We got a refund for that part of our tickets.
Back on the bus!

We had such a busy and fabulous day!  We came back to an artist we saw earlier that makes really cool name paintings...

See?  It says Lainie :)
We went near our apartment for dinner tonight.  We were looking for an inexpensive place (ha!) but it was too cold to keep wandering.  We stopped at a tiny place and decided to share some meals again.  It really is enough food!  (Especially with all the pastries in between!!)

Pork tenderloin with potatoes/veggies

The best broccoli soup I have ever had!!!

Bacon burger...even that looks gourmet!
It was so expensive, but really good!!

Grandma, Lainie and I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up.  Brad and Lea walked back home and we caught a cab.  We had a great driver!  He spoke English and we explained that we wanted to get some good pics of the Tower.  He took us to 2 excellent spots and took a pic of us, too!!

Twinkling now!
Dark, but beautiful!

Tower in the distance

On the "Love Lock" bridge!
It was truly an amazing day and night!  I am so glad we did the after dark cab ride.  Those views were spectacular!

Too bad it has to end tomorrow, Paris is a wonderful city!!!

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