Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laying Low and The Big Night.

Tues. and Wed., Feb. 5 and 6, 2013

After that Paris trip, we needed some down time!!  On our way home, we had to switch trains in Stuttgart.  We had 8 minutes to get off with all of our stuff (and 2 people who can't move very quickly!) and get down some stairs, then up some stairs (brilliant design) and over to our next train.  It was crazy and stressful.  But we got on the train and it was pretty nice!  The other trains were TGV trains owned by France.  This one is the ICE owned in Germany.  We had a little cabin with 6 seats, very private and quiet.  Except for the other lady who had the misfortune to share it with us!!

We started on laundry as soon as we got home but with 5 people and a tiny washer and the slowest, strangest dryer in the world, it took 2 days.  OK 3 days since today stuff is still hanging up to dry!  We didn't do much on Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday, Grandma and I walked up to our grocery store and post office.  We had to mail several Valentine's for Lainie.  She is missing the annual homeschool Valentine's party at Chuck E. Disease Cheese.  Grandma like the little store.  It's fun to see what types of products they have in another country!  She had a cappuccino or 2, and we brought home some Leberkaese sandwiches and pastries.  Those darn Bienenstich's are so good!  (From previous blog.)  We received mail yesterday and today, too!  We never write letters at home.  But here, it is so wonderful to hear from friends via snail mail!  A little piece of home.  It's truly so nice to be remembered!!

Brad came home early because he is taking private German lessons and had to be there by 5:20.  It was so crazy to get him there!  Right now, the middle of Augsburg is completely torn up with construction.  It is a huge project lasting years!  Turns out that is right where he needs to be.  Ugh.  Stressful.  I came back home and we all left to pick up a few things at Aldi and Muller.  Muller is like Walgreen's, very cool!  Lainie needed a notebook for her online class that just started.  Then we went back to pick up Brad.  Thankfully he found us.  I had no idea where he was since the construction prevented me from dropping him off at his building!

So tonight was the BIG NIGHT.  Grandma could taste real Bavarian food!  (Italian is everywhere and she has had plenty of that so far!)  After some more trouble with the construction, then parking in a big city (UGH) we ended up at a different restaurant than we set out for.  Weissen Hasen (white rabbit).  We were here years before and it's really good.

I thought it would be cool to take pics of the food.  (LOL, as if you didn't know!)
Brad and his mom each had this Schwabian plate: Kaesespaetzle, pork tenderloin, mushroom gravy

Lainie's usual: Kaesespaetzle

Lea's usual: Schnitzel (this one is pork) with fries
I wasn't too hungry, so I had some Roesti (potato cakes) and soup. The soup was beef broth with dumplings.  That brown dumpling is a liver one!!!  Ew!!!

I can't believe Lainie tried the liver dumpling!  She did not enjoy it.

Apfelkuechle.  Apple fritters.  They were so far beyond good, I can't even describe them!  Like crunchy cider mill donuts filled with apples.  Powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to top it off.  And I ate that fruit!  (Trying to cut down on the fatty stuff.)

Apfelstrudel.  Yummo!!!
We had a great time and Grandma thoroughly enjoyed her Bavarian/Schwabian meal!!  We knew she would like it!

Tomorrow we women head out on a grand adventure without Brad.  Going to Oberammergau for the night with plans to see Linderhof Palace (my fave!) and Neuschwanstein castle.  Sure to be another amazing time!!

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