Sunday, February 17, 2013

Augsburg With Our Company

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013

This morning we had some pretzels and rolls for breakfast and then the Schaefer's came back over.  We decided it was up to them what we did since they don't live near here.  They decided seeing Augsburg would be great.
Anna, on Anna Street by the Anna Passage :)

Love this one!!!

Brad with the Kuka robot in the city hall
Lainie with Brecht the playwright.

In the Gold Hall, inside the city hall (Rathaus)
Me and a chick we met

Grampy with a samurai outfit
 We like the Rathaus (city hall), it's very cool and beautiful.  It's fun to share it with people!

We headed out next to the gummy bear store.  They don't have this particular store in the Schaefer's area of Germany, so even they like it!  Free samples of EVERYTHING you want!!

We saw some more sights around the city.

I love this building!  I keep taking pics of it!
Grammy had surgery recently and can only take so much walking!  There is a LOT of walking here.  So they went back, along with Brad and Lea.  Lainie and I and the Schaefer's continued our Augsburg Adventure.
Throwing snowballs in the canal and watching them  come out down the way :)

We went to the Fuggerei.  The Fuggerei is the world's first social settlement.  The best way I can describe it is, it's the first "projects."  A super rich dude named Jakob Fugger saw that some older people from Augsburg who worked hard all their lives were left penniless as they aged.  They were good church-going folks.  He built this complex to house them in and charged them something ridiculous like $1/year.  In return they had to pray for his family.  Good deal!  It's a very peaceful and lovely place.  It's completely enclosed by a wall and nowadays you can pay a small fee to come in.  You can wander around and see the place and they have a couple museums inside, and a small chapel.

Lainie and I were like, "Cool, who is this St. Markus?"  Stefanie was like, "Uh....Mark."  Oh.  Duh.  Sometimes those simple things are hard to figure out!

With Jakob Fugger

A bunker underground where the residents took shelter during WWII

A photo of some of the damage done to the Fuggerei in WWII.

Inside one of the apartments
Cool info!

We had a very nice time in the city today!  For dinner we went back to Kaelberhalle inside the Hasen Braeu brewery.

Stefan's dish was a wurst salad.  Never seen anything like it back home!

Brad and his Dad ordered the Wienerschnitzel, but had them add mushroom gravy all over it.  They loved it!
We all had great food and a great time!  The Schaefer's came back and some of us played Ligretto, some of us talked, some of us did both!  Then we said goodnight and headed our separate ways "bis Morgen."  Until tomorrow!

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