Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Private Bus Tour And The Schaefer's

Friday Feb. 15, 2013

Yesterday evening, Brad's parents came in (Grampy and Grammy) from Niagara Falls.  They had some trouble with their GPS and had me worried, but they finally arrived safe and sound! We stayed in and had some turkey schnitzel for dinner.
It says "Welcome, I love you!"

Friday Brad had to work, of course.  We took G&G's car and went to Marktkauf for some groceries.  They had a fave of Brad's for lunch, Leberkaese.  It was fun, especially picking out the beer.  Grampy likes beer (Like father, like son) so this is quite a wonderland.  Over here, you can buy a case of different kinds of beer.  You just grab an empty case and fill it with whatever beers you choose.

Brad came home a bit early and our lovely neighbor and friend Johanna had offered to take us to see the famous Cathedral in Augsburg.  She also has a giant van (especially in Germany!) and took us all together.
My view from the way back seat!
Johanna grew up around here and was an excellent tour guide!  It was like our own private bus tour!  We went to the Cathedral and it's so beautiful!!  Johanna knew a lot about it, too.

Reminds me of Notre Dame!

Grampy or Grumpy?


An unfinished painting on the wall
 I found a cool setting on my camera that I was playing around with!

This area is the site of a REALLLLY old chapel, from the 8th century!  They have excavated many cool things.  Here are some of them, from the Romans.

Not an artifact :)

As we drove to and from the Cathedral, Johanna told us lots of good stuff about this area.  It was SO awesome!!  Thanks, Johanna!!  You are the best!!!

We came home and waited for our next visitors to arrive.  Our friends from Lambsheim are spending the weekend here!  In a hostel, but here in Augsburg!  So the Schaefer's arrived and met the grandparents, it was very nice!  Brad and his Dad got the grill fired up.

The Schaefer's had the most excellent gift for us!  They made a photobook of all of our visits together!!  As you blog readers know, I LOVE pictures!  There is no better gift :)  It has our visits here from '05, '08 and this year so far, and their visit to us in '11.  So special.  They also brought the second greatest gift ever...chocolate.


Popcorn chocolate?  OH YEAH.

When we visited the Schaefer's in December, we all played this fun card game called Ligretto, and they bought 2 sets for us!  It's really fun!

Stefanie's mom found this picture of us from 1984.  It's her, me and Diana (then Dalton.)  LOL!!!

We got a call from the Erath's that they were driving by on their way home from picking up Udo in Munich at the airport.  They wanted to stop by!  The more the merrier.  Now our friends can meet each other!  It was a full house on Sterntalerweg!!

There's a lot of LOVE on that loveseat.

All the kiddies being goofy!
 We had a really fun evening together!

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