Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grandma's Last Night

Monday, Feb. 11, 2013

After such a busy, fun weekend, we slept in a bit.  Then Brad came to pick us up for lunch at Kuka and a tour.  (Lainie went to babysit Antonia...the first kid she ever babysat!  They moved back here 2 years ago.)  So it was just Grandma, Lea and me.

Kuka has a great cafeteria.  Grandma and Lea had a chicken schnitzel that was really good.  I just had a salad.  I didn't take any pics for fear of embarrassing Brad in front of his colleagues!  But it's good food and cheap!  Winning combination.

Brad's colleague Albert took us on a tour.  There isn't a bunch to see at this office (in Gersthofen) because it's mostly the order processing department and Kuka College, for training the customers to use the robots.  But it was interesting for Grandma to see all of that.  I would love to tour the plant (in Lechhausen) where they make the robots.  Maybe some day....

We drove back home and I continued doing laundry.  This takes quite some time here.  Grandma started packing up her stuff.

Grandma and I went to pick up Brad at the hair place by his office.  His hair was lonnnnnng.  Then we came back to get the girls for dinner!  The other night we never made it to our intended restaurant, so we went there tonight.

It's called Koenig von Flandern and is in the basement of a building.  Very charming!  (of course)

It's a brewery, of course.

Cool brick ceiling.  I may try this at home.
So this was the last hurrah, we had to do it up right!  We even ordered LARGE pops.  LOL!  Lainie and I shared some potato soup that was so delicious!  I love German soups!  (Wait...some of them.  The one with pancakes in it is a little strange.)

It was kinda loud and crazy because of that holiday, Faschings.  People were laughing REALLY loud and Lea was like, "These people are drunk."  Ha ha!  We 5 remained calm.

The rest of the food came out.  Have I claimed so far that every restaurant is my favorite?  This one is, too!!!  How many faves do I get?  I was so happy to see baked potatoes on the menu.  I have to eat less bad stuff, and while I know potatoes aren't the healthiest, especially with sour cream, it was way less fried crap than I have been eating!!

Speaking of fried....Lea's veal Wienerschnitzel and steak fries

My AWESOME potato, reminded me of the one I had in Austria!  Sour cream, chives, turkey stripes (LOL!  It always says stripes instead of strips!) and a great salad.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just one part of the meal for two that Brad and Grandma had...saurkraut
And here it is!  A giant platter of pork!  Sitting on a bed of Schupfnudeln (potato noodles).  It was ham, sausages, boar back (!!!!) and pork shoulder.  They ate so much, and loved it!  It was really a huge farmer's meal.  Never seen anything like it at home!!
We had a great time, again!  We came home and Grandma finished packing and went to bed.  She was feeling a bit nervous about the airport.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning:
Grandma got up at 5:30 and the van picked her up at 7.  She left in tears.  A truly amazing time was had by all!!!

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