Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013

So here it is: my 44th birthday!  Over here in Germany, when your age has the same digit twice, is some kind of Schnapp's birthday or something.  I didn't have any...Schnapp's is NOT what you North Americans think it is!  It is the strongest, nastiest, fire-breathingest stuff you have ever tasted!  I skipped it :)

Unfortunately for me, I had the hugest headache.  Why on my birthday?  I don't recall having any huge headaches over here at all.  Figures.  Then I cut my finger with a sharp knife.  *heavy sigh*  Well, it can only get better from here!

I took some medicine and tried really hard to feel better.  We went to go look in our local theater, called the Kurhaus.  It is open for viewing now (Thanks for the tip, Johanna!!)  It is right here in our little town of Goeggingen.  We walked around it back in December, but now we can explore the inside!
You walk through one of two long hallways to get in...there is a cozy bar on each  side

And this is still just the hallway!

Now we are going in!

Wow, it's gorgeous!!  So bright and beautiful!
Lea on stage

Looking up at the ceiling

There was not a soul in sight!  Germans are so trusting and nice.  We wandered all around!  It was built about 1886, so it's almost brand new in German times!

View from the balcony

A young starlet coming down the stairs

Another young starlet!


A tiny model of the theater

 So as we were going back to the car, we saw this photographer's shop.  The front and sides are covered with sweet family pictures.  And look closely at the other one:
Oh Germany, LOL!

We came home and I took a very long nap in an attempt to rid myself of this headache.  It didn't work :(
We had plans to visit Maria and Thomas at their house, but I was really not feeling well so we had to cancel.

Brad took G&G to the Fuggerei (The old social settlement).  It's so nice there.  He didn't have the car keys (our car starts by remote) and it still let him drive all the way there.  But then he had to take a cab back home to get the keys!  Ha ha!  He missed part of the tour, but that is ok.

Much later we went out for dinner.  Back in the city center to Weissen Hasen.  It is so delicious!
Lainie had Maultaschen...giant ravioli filled with spinach and cheese, then fried.  YUM

I had the Linsenspaetzle which is Spaetzle with a lentil soup-ish thing and a hot dog wrapped in bacon!  It was good, but Udo's is much better.

Grammy had the roast pork, Blaukraut and potato dumplings.  
Brad and Grampy had a pork dish that I already posted before :)  Lea had a good ole cheeseburger and fries!

In a store!  A pile of Smurfs playing in the snow!
I used to love Smurfs as a kid, so this topped off my birthday just right!  I mean, look how cute they are?  I sold my collection on ebay a few years back for a LOT of money :)

We came back and Lainie and I caught up on some of our shows: Modern Family and Survivor.  Then off to bed!  Other than the headache and the cut finger, it was a fabulous birthday!  It was nice to receive so many greetings via Facebook, too.  A great day!

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