Sunday, December 30, 2012

Traveling to Lambsheim

Friday Dec. 28, 2012
Our "Welcome to Lambsheim" sign (Placed here in my blog so a toilet won't be the picture that shows up on FB.)

Today we traveled to Lambsheim to visit the Schaefers.  Stefanie stayed with our family in 1980-something as an exchange student.  We were in high school.  We have stayed in touch over these past many years!  Their family stayed with us last summer for about a week.  We were so excited to see them again!  It is about a 3.5 hour drive from Augsburg, near Frankfurt.

Along the way, we stopped at a rest area and I had to take a picture of the toilet because the seat has a cleaner and it cleans the seat each time it's flushed!  This is something I have never seen in the States.
See in the back?  The seat rotates and gets washed.  It is so cool.  Probably why it cost 70 cents to pee.
We said our hellos, got settled in and Stefanie and I got a few groceries.  The kids played games and still all get along very well!!  Anna is 13 now and taller than Lainie, Philipp is 10 and keeps us all laughing!!
Lainie and Anna playing a train travel game
Their Nativity scene, with stable made by Stefan's dad.
We saw many pigs around here.  They are lucky for the New Year.
A pig bun!  Filled with a nut filling.  It was so good!

A Lainie pig was sighted, it's extra good luck.
We had hamburgers for dinner which went over VERY well with Lea!  It's been 2 weeks without any hamburgers!

I mentioned that I was looking forward to seeing a German Ikea and they needed a shelf, so guess what?  IKEA!!
It was almost exactly the same as back home.  But that is good, because we all love Ikea!!
We are having Carrots for dinner.
We came back home and had a hilarious game of Uno Extreme (which I think is called Uno Attack in the States.)
The cards fly out at you when you push the button!  Hilarious!
It was a great day!!!  Looking forward to a few more days with great friends!

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  1. Hey, we have a version of the train does Mallory, since we bought it for her! :) I even have it on the iPad lol.