Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some firsts for us :)

Today was pretty interesting. We had a few firsts such as the girls seeing Kuka, Turkish food and driving in Germany!

 We went to Kuka to see where Brad will be working. It was only about 10 minutes from home so that will be great for him every day. The girls had never been in the Kuka building so we had a little tour. We saw their cafe and it's realy cool. Great food smells were coming from there! They used to sell beer in there, but I don't know if they still do that, LOL! We saw his work area and desk and met some more co-workers. 

 We talked to his German boss Alex for awhile and he told us that when we come for dinner, they are serving Knoedel! I promise to take pictures of what this is at that time, on the 27th. It is delicious! We saw the training area, Kuka College then went back home. We were almost home and decided to go to Aldi for a few grocery items. We had the GPS find Aldi which we knew was close by. GPS chose to send us to the other side of the city, through the downtown area of Augsburg. That was not fun. There is a lot of construction there and just so many cars. It was really a drag.

We came back home and Karen and Lydia stopped by again. We decided to find a Doener Kebap place for Brad. A Doener is the Turkish version of a gyro but made from turkey. Karen drove us all to the mall. It was soooo good! I never liked gyros before, but this is excellent. I had mine on a fresh roll, Brad and the girls had theirs in a wrap (called a Durum I think.) Then we got some smoothies. The mall is very American-like. There are many stores that the girls and I are looking forward to shopping in, but we will wait until Brad is working so we don't have to drag him along unwillingly! 
Lainie at the mall

We went to a big store like Best Buy to look at some phones for my use over here to call German numbers. The Bradster bought me a new phone! Now we have to get a sim card and a calling plan. They sell them at Aldi and it's only $20/month and includes data. It will be good to have a phone, especially when Brad takes his to work with him!

We came back home and then Lainie and I went with Karen and Lydia over to Johanna's house one street over. She used to live across the street from Karen. She has 4 kids, 3 of whom are girls. Her oldest, Lucia, is Lainie's age and spent last summer in the States, so her English was pretty good. The kids all got along well! They also have a big adorable dog, so we got our doggie fix :) Johanna and Karen tried to help me decide about a trip to take.

Our original plan was to travel this week since Brad is off. We were going to stay in a hotel or vacation rental home for a few days and see some great city. We just can't decide where to go. They have many good ideas, as does everyone we ask. Now we have so many ideas that we really can't decide! After talking to each family member, we all agree that staying close to home is the best bet. None of us want to pack up and leave since we just got here! So we will do some day trips and still see some cool sights.

So we got back from Johanna's at about 7:30 and I wanted to get my phone going, so I asked Brad to drive with me to Aldi. But I drove! Woo hoo!!! I figured it would be a good time since it's night and there won't be many cars, and the other drivers can't see my face, in the likely event that I do something stupid. But I made it! I even parked the car in our driveway which may not sound like much to you, but if you have ever seen a German driveway on a narrow street, you will know this is an amazing feat!

We still didn't get the sim card because no one spoke English at the store and we didn't want to get the wrong one. Tomorrow we will be sure to figure it out!!

Here is another first: Easter eggs for Christmas.
 Yes, I bought them like this.  Apparently the sell colored hard boiled eggs year round! Who knew?  So here is a little Christmas vignette.  Advent candles, star shaped cookies and Easter eggs.

Now we are hanging out on our computers, trying to figure out tomorrow's agenda and Lea is goofing around with her Ipod. We are getting ready for a game of Apples To Apples. Or should I say Apfels?

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