Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Christmas market and Friends!!

Friday, Dec 21, 2012

A band at the Christmas Market in the evening

We all walked to the local grocery store this morning!  This is something we would never do at home.  Well, even if the grocery store wasn't a few miles away.  It was fun to walk there and shop together.  We got some fresh rolls and lunch meat for lunch and Brad's favorite...Leberkaese.  I don't know if that is even spelled right (and I don't have an umlaut.)  It's like a big loaf of bologna.  I think it tastes like a hot dog.  It's pretty good.

Mine looked like it was looking back at me
We hung out at home a bit and had a nap which felt good.  Then Karen and her kids came by and we were going to go to another Christmas market together.  Brad, Lea and Christoph didn't want to go and went on ahead to the Erath's house where we were having dinner.  So that left me and Lainie and Karen and Lydia to go to the market.  It was in Friedberg, only about 20 minutes away.  It was so quaint!  I really enjoyed it.  Augsburg's market is much bigger, but this one was really cute and wonderful!  Lainie got the cutest piggie hat and I got a felt flower to pin on mine.  We really enjoyed looking at all of the wares for sale.  And without any yucky boys to weigh us down, we could look at stuff as long as we wanted!!  (which was a long time!)

We had a good time just being together, too :)

We went back to their house for dinner where Mr. Bavaria (aka Udo) was making us homemade Spaetzle with lentils!  We have had Spaetzle before, but never served this way.  This is the Schwabian way (Schwaben is a region in Germany).  The Spaetzle noodles are made with only flour, water, eggs and salt.  Udo puts a blob of dough on a cutting board and uses a knife to cut it into pieces into boiling water.  It only cooks a few minutes.  Then they serve it with a thick lentil soup on top and with wieners.  It was really super good!!

The kids played the Wii, watched silly You Tube videos and we adults hung out and gabbed.  It was really fun and we laughed a lot.  Udo is a very funny German :)  Having a GREAT time here!
Brotha from anotha motha


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