Saturday, December 22, 2012

Secret Santa

Sat. Dec. 22, 2012

Another good day!  Except for Lea's cold...she is feeling a bit under the weather.  Brad, Lea and I walked to the grocery store again today, it was fun!  It has been rainy the whole week we have been here, though.  It would be nice to see the sun!  We picked up some fresh bread and some more Leberkaese and salami for lunch.  Udo came over to fix our wifi signal and ate all the lunch.  But that is fine, he deserves it.
He just can't get enough of my company.
After Udo left, we went to Marktkauf, the bigger grocery store.  Everything will be closed tomorrow and then Monday it is only open in the morning.  (I am remembering last year when I worked at Target until midnight for a month before Christmas!!)  Lea was really tired and stayed home.  I was a bit nervous about this, but our house is locked up so tight that I was ok.  She watched some TV and took a nap.

So the 3 of us went shopping.  We bought a whole case of Spezi!  It is really good pop.  Brad is enjoying the beer very much as well!  And there is an interesting tradition over here...if you are at someone's house and you say their Christmas tree is beautiful, they give you a shot of liquor!  So I am trying NOT to compliment anyone's tree, and Brad is going door to door complimenting strangers'.  LOL!

Lainie bought herself a book in German: Die Tribute Von Panem.  The Hunger Games!  She figures she knows the book so well, she may be able to pick up some more German by reading it.  It is a cool thing to have.

I bought a little journal for Lea because she wants to keep her own  to share with her class when we go home.

This evening we went for dinner at our friend's house.  Brad works with Wolfgang at Kuka and his wife Shawn took me all over Augsburg on previous visits!  They are very nice and have 4 girls.  We had an awesome meal of super delicious steak on the grill, roasted potatoes, veggies, salad, brownies, bread, chips and guacamole....we will not starve while in Germany!!  It was a lot of fun!  More laughter!  The Erath's were there as well, and their 2 families have a tradition of Secret Santa gifts.  The Secret Santa was very nice to also give our girls presents.  They were SO surprised and excited!
Lea got a cool fashion design book.  She squealed with delight!

Lainie got 2 special handmade soaps that smell soooo good!  And an adorable hanging air freshener made from soap.
They also have a huge dog, Max, and we got MANY dog kisses and got to eat some dog hair.  It's been a week and we haven't picked any dog hair out of our teeth!  We missed it.  LOL!!

The town Wolfgang and Shawn live in is called Krumbach.  It was so charming!  I would love to visit it again and walk around there.  Really quaint.  I love how German towns look.  A church all lit up in the middle, some like this one have cobblestone streets.  It is so beautiful here!

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  1. I bet Lainie will love the book...I read the first three Harry Potter books in French, although NOT having read the English...I learned a ton, and have read them a couple more times, since! I bet Lea's journal will be such a treasure!