Sunday, December 30, 2012

Landeck Castle

Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012

Part II of Saturday!  

Landeck Castle

On our way home from France, we stopped at the ruins of an ancient castle.  It is from around 1200.  It is very different than the Bavarian castles we have visited in the past.  It is so old and was not a fancy castle.  It was more of a fortress to protect the land.

We wandered around the grounds and explored.

Look at that view!  Vineyards everywhere.

Lainie and I
That is Lea coming up those steps

What an incredible place!

We came back and Stefanie made an incredible meal.  Schnitzel made from turkey breast, 2 kinds of potatoes and Stefan's contribution was the TASTY peas and carrots :)  Good choice, Stefan. It really made the meal!!!

This was the view from Philipp's room when we got home:

God is truly smiling on us :)

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