Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quaint curtains

Dec. 22

This post is sure to be underappreciated by many, mostly men :)  But it's something I want to remember and is different than in the States.

Over here I see many cute little curtains.  They are similar to cafe curtains back home, but not quite the same.  They usually hang right in the middle of a window, no matter the size of the window or the curtain.  Back home, it wouldn't even look right!  But here, it is so quaint and something I love about Germany.  When we walk around our neighborhood or other towns, I am drawn to the windows to see these charming little curtains.  They seem old-fashioned, in a good way.  They really serve no purpose other than to be cute!  I will give a tour of the curtains in our rental home.  You will be on the edge of your seats!
Our living room

Our bathroom...little pink and orange flowery dots

Our kitchen, with cute tassels.  The biggest window, the smallest curtain.

Powder room

Lainie's room...tulips

Our bedroom...with little copper colored jewels

These are the ones in our house, and I see tons more in other windows.  I don't want to go to German jail by taking pictures of those, so this is all I've got.

I won't be buying any to bring home.  I don't think I would like them at home.  But here, they are part of the charm.  (It's like the houses in Hatteras, NC.  Very awesome looking, but I won't be building a house on stilts at home and painting it turquoise.)

I look forward to seeing many more charming curtains!


  1. quite lovely-I would fit right in-love those styles and looks! Glad you are enjoying your German stay. I will try to not be jealous!

  2. I can totally relate...when we stayed in Venice, it was huge, gaudy glass fixtures everywhere, because of Murano glass history and factories. I loved it so much....but didn't bring any home, LOl!

  3. My mom is from Germany and decorates her windows in her condo like this. :)