Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeing our town

Thursday Dec. 20, 2012

Today we had planned on seeing another castle nearby, but it turns out it is closed in the winter.  Glad we didn't drive there for it!

I started out my day with mail!  The mail lady rang the bell and asked if Familie Stull (Shtool!) lives here.  It was a Christmas card from an old friend from our Ferndale church!!  It's so nice to get mail.  Thanks Denise!

Then I visited Johanna our neighbor (and now, friend!) so she could help me with my phone.  We got it registered and now it takes a few hours to activate. This is a long process, made longer by my lack of German. I didn't mind hanging out while she hooked me up because she is very nice and has a giant dog that I can love on!!

When I got back, Brad and I went into Augsburg to get his work visa. I had to wait in the car since parking is very hard in the city and we were in a tow away school zone. It was really boring. I reprogrammed the GPS to be more “American” with a 12 hour clock and such. Then I played with my phone and got it all ready for when it's activated. It was like a barrel of monkeys in the car. Woo hoo. And it turns out they barely spoke English and Brad doesn't speak German, and they didn't have what he needed. So we still have to go back.

When we got home, the girls didn't feel like going anywhere. We ate lunch and decided to just go into our local town area (Goeggingen) and look around. It is a cute little town. Of course, I think all German towns are cute! We went in a few stores and a bakery (of course) for more fresh bread. Bakeries are like Tim Horton's in on every corner. We went to a fun but kinda junky store and found an interesting picture for sale.

We went to look at the Kurhaus which is a beautiful theater for plays and music. It is really pretty. It looks like in the summer it would be even better!

We went to a giant store called Marktkauf today. It is pretty cool! Much like a Meijer or Walmart. We had fun looking at things and Lea spent some of her Christmas money on a Playmobil fairy set. And we finally found popcorn! It has eluded us in every store. I had to ask for it here and it was not with chips and snacks like back home, but with nuts and in the fresh produce section. Maybe that is why I never found it!

We stopped at Bio Basiks which is an organic store. Very cool as well, and we found soy yogurt for Lea, muffins that were milk free, and milk free chocolate! Finally! I know we will be back at this store often.

Lea drove home, LOL!
Wow these German cars are small

A low key day, but it was good to see what our little town of Goeggingen has to offer. We are getting ready to eat dinner and have a relaxing evening at home.

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